What are The Best Kitchen Cooking Layouts?

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What are The Best Kitchen Cooking Layouts? a

The single-guy-who-nukes-his-dinner-every-night crowd probably does not care about a great kitchen. To the rest of all of us, the kitchen can make or break a real estate offer. To a lot of people a kitchen is not just a space in which to prepare dishes. It is a homework area, a place to sit with a neighbor over a cup of coffee, and, in the case of the country kitchen, an area where the family gathers to share the day’s experiences. If you’re not that single guy with a microwave oven, evaluating kitchens will be an important aspect of your house hunt.

Classic Kitchen Design: The Work Triangleb

One aspect of classic kitchen style continues to be constant throughout the years: the work triangle. The triangle’s three points are the fridge, the oven and the sink, and its purpose is to ensure effectiveness and great traffic flow. To visualize the triangle, think about how you work in the kitchen. When preparing a meal you move between the fridge, the stove and the sink. Good kitchen style places these elements in a triangle. Which element is at the apex of the triangle depends on the kitchen’s layout. Generally there are four distinct kitchen styles, and within each of them the work triangle remains a constant: the galley, the “L” shape, the “U” shape and the “G” shape or peninsula. Within the kitchen triangle there must be a area for food preparation, such as a chopping block, countertop or isle. While the work triangle is a popular component of kitchen layout, many kitchen layouts either ignore it or have a significantly flawed triangle. When you’re looking at a kitchen area, keep the work triangle in mind. Even small kitchen layouts can be functional and useful if the work triangle is perfectly integrated.                                                           

What About Kitchen Sinks?                                         

Kitchen Cabinets

cKitchen cabinets play a dual role in the kitchen area. They are both functional and, ideally, decorative. Deep cabinets are perfect for storage of seldom-used and oversized items, while shallow cabinets work best for small, frequently used items, such as spices. When looking at a house you’re interested in purchasing, take a look inside each kitchen cabinet with an eye toward whether it will accommodate your kitchen equipment. The site of kitchen shelves is also important. You must be able to reach the pantry and cooking materials without having to deviate from the kitchen work triangle.


Kitchen Design Accessories

d A number of features are wonderful surprises when house hunting, even if they are not essential to kitchen area layouts: Morning meal nooks Fridges and dishwashers concealed by cabinetry Garbage disposal units Kitchen isles Deep-set lighting Large pantries

Lighting can Enhance Kitchen Layouts

eAvid cooks understand the importance of great lighting in the kitchen. Homebuyers, on the other hand, appear to give it a casual glance. If you cook, even if it is just family meals, good lighting is important. Turn on the lights – all of them. Try to picture the space as it will be at night, while you’re cooking dinner. If the light is insufficient, is there a means to add more light? Some of the big-box department and import stores carry low-cost under-counter lighting that you can easily install with just a screwdriver.


Ideas for Eco Friendly Living 

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